Sunday, August 21, 2011

60th Birthday Surprise

This month, both of David's parents are celebrating their 60th birthdays, so we decided to have a party!  David has two sisters and a brother.  Last night, the siblings and their spouses hosted a surprise birthday party in their honor at Lula's, a new restaurant in downtown Clinton, Mississippi, which is open for lunch 7 days a week:

Everyone had a great time surprising them.  David's younger sister, Elizabeth, is moving to Maryland today, so she told her parents she would like to have dinner and take some pictures in downtown Clinton before she left.  We stopped in front of Lula's, took a picture, and then lured them in!  Their closest friends and family were waiting in the dark.  Everyone yelled "Surprise" followed by singing happy birthday.  Here are a few pictures from the special night:
The Ellis Family

Mr. Rusty with his daughters and granddaughter on the left and daughter-in-laws on the right!
Ms. Mary Frances and David

Jennifer, Mr. Rusty, and Elizabeth

The party was complete with some personal touches.  Elizabeth sneakily collected tons of pictures of the two of them to hang everywhere.  Jennifer, David's older sister, made a peach cake for my mother-in-law and a chocolate cake for my father-in-law.  Lula's did the rest of the food, and everything was delicious.

We enjoyed celebrating parents whose generosity and kindness is such a blessing in our lives.

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