Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day

I couldn't be more excited about my Labor Day weekend plans!  Three of my favorite people in the whole world are coming to visit - Betsy, Jessica, and Julia.  The four of us met in college and have remained close friends ever since.  Jessica and Betsy are coming from Nashville, and Julia is coming from High Point, North Carolina.  There is nothing better than a weekend catching up with friends.  We're planning on shopping, laying by the pool, eating good places, and just enjoying being together!

~Julia, Jessica, Betsy, and Me~

David and Huck are pretty excited about their weekend too.  They're heading to Greenville, MS, to spend the weekend dove-hunting.  We wish them luck :)

~an old picture of David and Huck before Huck got so big!~

Have a very happy Labor Day weekend!

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