Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Fall!

I'm more excited about fall than ever before!  It really is one of the most beautiful times of year.  Mississippi is still pretty hot, but I'm already getting in the spirit of fall and planning ways to enjoy the season.  I love all fall has to offer - beautiful leaves, pumpkins, mums, sweaters, boots, hayrides, and so much more!

First, I plan on exchanging my summer wreath for a fall wreath.  I think simple wreaths like this one make a house look loved:

Second, my sweet friend, Julia, gave me two of these Classic Glass Hurricanes from Williams-Sonoma:

I'm so excited about all I can do with these for holidays and other occasions, and I'll always think of Julia when I use them!  Here are some fun fall possibilities:

Third, I plan on perfecting pumpkin pie!  Last year, I volunteered to make pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' house.  It was my first time to ever make a pie of any kind!  It ended up having a  pretty good flavor, liquid center, and burned crust!  I plan on perfecting pumpkin pie this year, so any tips/recipes are welcomed.

And even though I don't know as much as I should about football, seeing this for the first time every year and hearing Rocky Top brings back the best memories:

For David, fall is all about Mississippi State football and hunting!

Most of all, I think fall is about winding down from a busy summer and spending time thinking about the countless blessings in our lives.  I couldn't be more grateful for today.  Have a happy fall weekend :)

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