Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Going to the Chapel

This weekend is going to be one of the best yet.  David and I are flying to Charlotte on Thursday night for a weekend of celebrating a couple I love:

Betsy and Dan are getting married on Saturday!  Betsy and I met at UT and lived together our junior and senior years.  We lived in "the loft" in downtown Knoxville.  The loft was an old warehouse transformed into a home for six college students.  It was passed down through members of our sorority, and we were very excited to inherit it!  We had two memorable years in the loft, and I miss those days of togetherness all the time.  Betsy is one of my favorite people and dearest friends.  Here are a few old pictures just for fun:

Before a Beach Bash Mixer our Sophomore Year

Old College Inn

The Six who lived in The Loft on Betsy's Birthday
Jessica, Me, Betsy, Sarabeth, Julia, and Frances

Tacky Christmas!

Our Trip to Memphis

Our Fun Weekend in Atlanta
David, Me, Jess, Whit, Dan, and Betsy

One of My Favorite Pictures of All Time
Julia, Me, Frances, and Betsy

I can't wait to see Betsy in her beautiful wedding dress and share this special time with her and Dan.  I'll take lots of pictures and share them with you when we get back. 

The day after the wedding David and I are driving to one of my favorite places in the world - Charleston, South Carolina.  We're looking forward to a few days of touring historic Charleston and soaking up the sun on Sullivan's Island!

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